After beginning my specialty coffee journey in New York City I created a blog called Barry’s NYC Coffee Journal. However, in September of this year (2016) I moved back to my home state of New Jersey and therefore could no longer chronicle my coffee experiences under an NYC moniker. While it may take me some time to begin posting consistently the following should give you a glimpse into where my specialty coffee journey stands.

Where I’ve been getting my coffee from: Since moving to NJ I have yet to visit any roasters. However, I’ve been ordering coffees online from Seattle Coffee Gear and Go Coffee Go…I was first drawn to order coffees from Seattle Coffee Gear after watching a number of their YouTube videos and have since become a regular customer as a result of my enjoyment of their well organized website and large selection of coffees. More recently I have been ordering most of my coffees from Go Coffee Go due to their focus on freshness. As noted on their homepage…”All coffee beans and espresso are fresh roasted to order and your coffee delivery is shipped the same day, direct from the roaster to you.”

Which coffees have I tried since moving to NJ?

Note: I brewed these coffees via Hario V60 pour over and French press.

  •   Olympia Coffee Roasting Company – Ethiopia Banko Natural: Over time I’ve come to love natural processed Ethiopian coffees for their bold berry aromas and flavors and Banko did not disappoint.
  • Batdorf and Bronson Coffee Roasters – Whirling Dervish blend: With big dark cherry and chocolate notes this coffee was a treat to drink at all times of day and evening.
  • Klatch Coffee – El Salvador El Ruby Honey – Having not had that many honey processed coffees before trying this one, I was pleased to find that this coffee had a balanced flavor profile that I could enjoy daily .
  • Olympia Coffee Roasting Company –  Guatemala El Socorro Maracaturra- After reading this coffee’s cupping notes I was excited to try it. Though it’s stated “tropical fruit candy” notes weren’t as pronounced or nuanced as I had hoped, I still enjoyed the entire 12oz of beans and would recommend this coffee to those who enjoy coffees from Guatemala.
  • Onyx Coffee Lab – Kenya Nyeri Barichu – Having tried coffees from the Nyeri region of Kenya I quickly ordered this coffee in order to compare it the coffees that I had tried from its region and to try out one of the most recent additions to Go Coffee Go’s selection of roasters. I found the coffee to not be as fruit forward as other Kenyan coffees, but still enjoyed its balanced flavor profile.
  • Chromatic Coffee – Unicorn Pony blend – To me this coffee represents the best of what Ethiopian coffees have to offer and is a must try for all specialty coffee drinkers. By blending a dry and wet processed coffees from Sidamo, Ethiopia this coffee bursts with flavors of fresh berries, cherry, tangerine, and cocoa. An all around winner!

Which coffees will I be trying next? Having enjoyed a few holiday blends last year I ordered Intelligensia’s Celebration Blend and Olympia Coffee’s Holiday Blend and am looking forward to posting reviews of them in the coming week.