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Before sharing some background on my specialty coffee journey I should note that I’ve always loved the flavor of coffee and never been one to add more than a touch of skim milk and 1 tsp of sugar or packet of Splenda to my cup. But it took until 2015 for me to take hold of the opportunity to utilize my palate, which I’ve spent years developing, to begin to fully experience the wide range of flavors that specialty coffees have to offer…

In the Summer of 2015 I began moving away from major chain coffee shop coffees (cough..cough Starbucks aka “Charbucks” to some coffee geeks) and started visiting local specialty coffee roasters; the first of which was located right in my now former NYC neighborhood aka Washington Heights (Buunni Coffee).  After trying the majority of their coffees I was inspired to venture out of Washington Heights and try coffees from as many different roasters’ coffees as possible and boy did my journey get off to a great start to my coffee adventure. In order to try as many coffees as possible I spent many Monday and Thursday mornings visiting the cafes of New York City based coffee roasters. Not only did I learn about the complex flavor profiles that specialty coffees have  to offer, but I fell in love with culture of the cafes that I visited and ended up becoming a regular at the cafes whose culture I enjoyed the most.

In September of 2016 I moved from Washington Heights to Elizabeth, New Jersey and have yet to visit any of New Jersey’s coffee roasters. However, I have been ordering coffees online and have discovered a number of great roasters and started to gravitate towards those whose coffees I’ve enjoyed the most. Moving forward I hope to relate back on my visits to the cafes and roasters that I visit and share my thoughts on the coffees that I try.

Please feel free to comment on my posts and share recommendations for coffees that are available in NYC and elsewhere and ask questions about their content.